My Student Pasco

Exciting update! Our student system, My Student Pasco, has received a major upgrade, offering a seamless user experience for all. We’re dedicated to making your student experience exceptional and are here to assist you at every turn!

Enrollment In My Student Pasco

My Student Pasco

Let’s explore the process of signing up for my Student Pasco with a comprehensive and user-friendly guide.

Adding a New Student:

  • Navigate to Student Menu > Add Student.
  • Input at least two letters in the name fields and the Student’s birthdate, then click “Search.”
  • If no records are found, click “Enroll New Student” to proceed.
  • Follow the prompts to input enrollment details, including address, enrollment code, and immunization status.
  • Complete the registration process and proceed to the Student Dashboard.

Note: It’s essential that all students, with the exception of SIT students, have their primary address on file.

If the address you provided is incorrect or unrecognized by the system, you can override it using the dropdown menu. Typically, Option A, known as Controlled Open enrollment, is the preferred choice for most sign-ups.

Here’s what you need for the enrollment process:

  • Enrollment details: Date and code
  • Previous school information: From various locations (city, state, or country)
  • Immunization status: Confirmation of required vaccinations
  • Home Language Survey date: Languages spoken at home
  • Personal information: Gender, place, state, and country of birth
  • Communication preference: Preferred language
  • Race and ethnicity information
  • Health examination status
  • Complete immunization dates
  • Bus request: Transportation needs
  • Educational zone allocation: School choice specification for students outside the county, indicating district preference over a specific school.

After completing the registration, the student’s enrollment process is successfully finished. You can then choose to proceed to the Student Dashboard to access your student’s academic information or select “Transfer/Enroll another student” to manage additional enrollments or transfers.

Enrolling an Inactive Student:

To add a student, navigate to the My Student Pasco Menu and follow these steps:

  • Enter at least two characters in the name fields, along with the student’s date of birth.
  • Click the “Search” button.
  • If the system finds a match and the student isn’t enrolled in another Pasco school, their status will be inactive, displaying their drop date, drop code, and final grade level.
  • If the displayed student is correct, click “Enroll” to begin the enrollment process.
  • Update any required enrollment fields such as Grade Level, Enrollment Date, and Enrollment Code.
  • Save the changes and proceed to the My Student Pasco page to complete enrollment updates.
  • Update relevant demographic information, addresses, and contacts.
  • Ensure health immunizations are up to date.
  • Specify if bus transportation is needed (Yes or No) on the Transportation Summary.
  • Provide ESE/ELL information if applicable.
  • Update the student’s schedule as needed.

Important: If the student is attending another school, please ensure to contact that school and request the official withdrawal of the student. Once the student’s withdrawal is completed, you can proceed with the following steps.

Enrollment For Second School:

In some cases, students may enrol in two schools within one academic Year. To do so:

  • Navigate to your primary school enrollment tab.
  • Select the correct Year.
  • Choose the second school you wish to enrol in.
  • Enter the accurate enrollment date and code.
  • When enrolling at the start of the academic Year, use the enrollment code from your primary school.

Note: Ensure you scroll to the right and check the box in the “Second School” section. This allows students enrolled in two schools to access their schedules and grades from both institutions.

Keep in mind that if My Student Pasco chooses to leave their primary school, they need to indicate the date and reason in the “Second School” section. It’s advisable to communicate with the second school before withdrawing a student. After providing all necessary information, click the “SAVE” button to proceed. Please be aware that certain schools may have different procedures for enrolling in a second school so that this guideline may vary.

Withdrawing My Student Pasco:

When a student departs from your school, it’s essential to promptly review their schedule and remove them from classes before officially withdrawing them from enrollment. This ensures accurate record-keeping and may involve discussions with both the student and administrative staff.

Withdraw a student’s schedule:

  • Enter a drop date for each course individually or utilize the Mass update option.
  • Select “Dropped” from the drop-down menu and choose the correct departure date.
  • Execute the Mass Update function and save the changes.

Withdraw the student from enrollment:

  • Navigate to the Enrollment tab and select the appropriate Year and School.
  • Enter the exact departure date and the correct withdrawal code.
  • It’s important to note that the withdrawal date should differ from the student’s enrollment date. This marks the student’s official departure from the school records in My Student Pasco. However, if a student is labelled as a “No Show,” indicating they never attended, the withdrawal date is set to match the enrollment date.

Add/Drop Report:

Access the Add/Drop summary to view the latest changes in student enrollment status.

Go to Students > Add/Drop Report and input the desired dates. This Report provides comprehensive details on new enrollments and departures during the specified timeframe.

In conclusion, the new My Student Pasco info system significantly enhances school life for students and parents, offering user-friendly features and dedicated support to ensure academic success in Pasco County Schools.

Need assistance or have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]. Our dedicated team ensures prompt responses via our ticket system.