Pasco County Schools Jobs

If you live in Pasco County, you might already be familiar with My Pasco Connect. This excellent employment platform from the school district has a dedicated website to help you find fantastic job opportunities within the district. It also offers many resources and support to kickstart your career journey.

Pasco County Schools Jobs

Pasco County Schools, one of the county’s largest employers, welcomes individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, support staff, or looking for a part-time job, opportunities are available!

Pasco County Schools

Pasco County Schools is a vibrant and diverse district with over 90 schools and more than 10,000 staff members. The district educates over 75,000 students from Pre-K to 12th grade. Serving such a large and varied population can be both challenging and rewarding.

The district prioritizes diversity and inclusivity, ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment for all employees. Additionally, it offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and numerous opportunities for professional growth and development.

Job Opportunities In Pasco County Schools

Pasco County Schools provides job opportunities for individuals with various professional backgrounds, skills, and interests. Whether you’re an educator, administrative staff member, or support personnel, you have a role in the district.

Teaching Positions

  • Elementary School Teachers: Focus on laying the foundation for students’ academic journeys and fostering a love for learning.
  • Middle and High School Teachers: Specialize in various subjects, shaping young minds and preparing them for higher education and the workforce.

Administrative Roles

  • School Principals and Assistant Principals: Lead schools towards academic excellence, manage staff, and ensure a safe learning environment.
  • District Administrators: Oversee the implementation of educational policies and programs and manage resources efficiently.

Support Staff

  • Counselors: Offer guidance and support to students, helping them with their academic and personal development needs.
  • Custodial and Maintenance Staff: Ensure a clean and safe environment for students and staff.
  • Nutritional Services Staff: Offer healthy and nutritious meals to students.
  • Transportation Staff: Ensure the safe and timely transportation of students.

How to Find Jobs at Pasco County Schools

Step 1: Create an Account on My Pasco Connect

To access job opportunities within the district, start by creating an account on My Pasco Connect. This user-friendly online portal makes it easy for individuals to find and apply for jobs.

Step 2: Explore Available Jobs

After setting up your account, browse the various job categories and positions at Pasco County Schools. You can refine your search by location, job category, or keywords to find positions that align with your interests and qualifications.

Step 3: Apply for a Job

When you find a job that interests you, click on the position to view more details and requirements. If you meet the qualifications, click “apply” to submit your application directly via My Pasco Connect.

How To Apply For Jobs In Pasco County Schools

If you’re interested in working at Pasco County Schools, the first step is to check the district’s job listings on My Pasco Connect. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Visit Go to and click on the “Employment Opportunities” tab.
  • Browse Job Listings: You will be directed to a page with all current job openings in the district. To search for specific jobs, use keywords or filters such as location, type of position, and category.
  • View Job Details: Once you find a job that interests you, click on it to view the details and requirements. If you meet the qualifications, click “Apply” to begin your application process.
  • Create an Account or Log In: If you are a new user, you will be prompted to create an account, or you will be prompted to log in if you are a returning user.
  • Complete Your Application: Follow the instructions to complete your application, including uploading documents such as resumes and licenses.
  • Submit Your Application: Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. The district’s Human Resources team will review your application and contact you if you are selected for an interview.

Application Process

Online Application

Prospective applicants can explore and apply for positions through the Pasco County Schools’ official website. The online application process is user-friendly and seamlessly allows candidates to submit resumes, cover letters, and relevant documents.

Interview Process

Shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews, which provide an opportunity to showcase their experiences, skills, and passion for education. The interview process is thorough and aims to select the best fit for each role.

Additional Resources on My Pasco Connect

Beyond job opportunities, My Pasco Connect offers numerous resources for current and prospective employees of Pasco County Schools. These include:

  • Job Fairs and Recruiting Events: The district hosts job fairs and recruiting events where individuals can explore job opportunities and connect with district representatives.
  • Professional Development: Pasco County Schools is dedicated to the continuous growth of its staff. They offer various professional development programs and workshops to help employees enhance their skills and career progress.
  • Employee Benefits: My Pasco Connect provides detailed information about their benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  • Employee Assistance Program: The district prioritizes employee well-being through an assistance program that offers counseling services and resources for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Benefits Of Working At Pasco County Schools

Competitive Salaries

Recognizing the dedication and contributions of its staff, Pasco County Schools provides competitive salaries to its employees.

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Employees benefit from a comprehensive package that includes retirement plans, paid time off, and health insurance, ensuring their well-being and financial security.

Professional Development

Committed to continuous learning, Pasco County Schools offers various professional development programs, workshops, and training sessions to support its staff’s growth and career advancement.

Diverse and Inclusive Environment

The district fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment, ensuring that everyone is valued and respected.


Working at Pasco County Schools can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. The district offers many job opportunities and resources, making the application process easy for everyone.